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Special Sessions

The following is the list of Special Sessions of ISIE 2014. If you would like to contribute to these sessions, please choose the appropriate track in the paper submission system.

Special Sessions of ISIE 2014



Special Session Title

Javier A. Muñoz Carlos Baier and Marco Rivera

Digital Control in Power Converters and Drive


MMC_and Multilevel Converters

Reza Abrishambaf

Wireless Sensor Networks for Embedded Industrial Applications

RenQinyuan and Xu Jianxin

Intelligent Robotic Control and Motion Planning

Gianluca Fabbri

Automotive Applications of Hybrid and Electric Propulsion System

Thomas Strasser, Paulo Leitao, Pavel Vrba, Alois Zoitl

Distributed Intelligent Systems in Industrial Environments

Walter Zamboni

Advances in Energy Storage

Qing-Long Han, Josep M. Fuertes, Mo-Yuen Chow and Yu-Long Wang

Control and Filtering for Networked Systems

Luis Gomes  and Juan J. Rodriguez-Andina

Industrial Applications of FPGAs & Embedded Systems

Oleg Sergiyenko and Julio Cesar Rodriguez Quiñonez

Machine vision, control and navigation

Dmitri Vinnikov, Enrique Romero-Cadaval, Joao Martins and Marek Jasinski

Power Electronic Systems for Efficient and Secure Energy Management in Smart Grids

Haitham Abu-Rub, Atif Iqbal and Abdullah Kouzuo

Multi-phase Power Conversion and Control

Hadi Y. Kanaan

Advanced Power Electronics for Power Quality Improvement in Distributed Generation Systems

João Martins, Luis Gomes and Juan J. Rodriguez-Andina

Continuous learning in Engineering and Industrial Technologies Education

Seiichiro Katsura, Kiyoshi Ohishi and Yasutaka Fujimoto

Haptics for Human Support

Filip Andrén , Georg Lauss, Felix Lehfuss and Thomas Strasser

Real Time Simulations on Electrical Systems

Michael Basin, Prof. Hamid Reza Karimi and Prof. Peng Shi

New Trends in Analysis and Design of Switched and Discontinuous Systems

Hua Geng, Kai Sun and Josep M. Guerrero

Power Electronics for AC & DC Microgrids
Hui-Jun Gao,Shen Yin,Steven X. Ding,Guang Wang Data Driven Fault Diagnosis and Control with Industrial Applications

Dr. Samir Kouro,Marcelo Perez , Jose Rodriguez

Photovoltaic Converter Topologies and Control

Akshay Kumar Rathore;Herbert Iu,Dylan Lu

Power Converters, Control, and Energy Management for Distributed Generation

G. Zucker,J. Haase,Yoseba Penya

Building Automation Control and Management



1 - 4 June 2014
International Symposium on
Industrial Electronics